Archive 6294 – Internal Memo to Mr. Jiang

Memo to Mr. Jiang


As requested, sir, I am reporting on the composure and efficacy of your daughter, Fa Lin. I have only positive things to report. Having been in many negotiations with your late wife, I can report that Fa Lin has gained every one of her positive qualities whilst building her own style. She is remarkably aloof and thoughtful, to the extent that she does not often make eye contact in the meetings she attends until she is specifically named or questioned. I have, on several times, called this strategy into question – I hope you do not mind me saying so – but I have been proven wrong on all occasions. The somber power that Fa Lin displays is a masterful sight to behold. She is powerful. When she speaks she whispers such that those around her must bend in close to hear the details of her words. And all do. I wish you could see the entirety of a fifty person delegation from the most powerful businesses in the world leaning in to hang on every word of the beautiful, small form of your daughter. I am in awe. I would recommend a smaller delegation traveling with her in future endeavors – when dozens of our people flank her, it gives the false impression that she is not trusted. If we send, perhaps, one or two with her instead of seven, we give the impression that she can handle herself. 

Thank you for trusting me with this memorandum and I hope I can provide service in the future.